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La Displasia dell’Anca nel cane, cosa sappiamo e cosa c’è di nuovo

The Hip Dysplasia in dogs, what we know and what is new


Salvaggio A.
DVM, libero professionista, ANUBI Ospedale Animali da compagnia, Moncalieri (To).
Autore corrispondente: Alberto Salvaggio, ANUBI Ospedale Animali da compagnia, Strada Genova 299/a, Moncalieri (To),


The author of this paper has sought to take a trip in the most common congenital orthopedic pathology of the dog, hip dysplasia, illustrating the state of the art and the latest acquisitions. A digression on the etiology, diagnosis, and the therapeutic approach to orientate on a early diagnosis and help the patient and the owners to relieve the symptoms of the disease and in some cases to stop it.


hip dysplasia, dog, osteoarthritis