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Adenoma biliare primitivo
Sin: colangioma, colangioadenoma, adenoma cistico biliare, cistoadenoma biliare epatico


Dott. Fioretti M.
Libero Professionista, Milano


A relatively frequent ultrasonographyc feature in the old cat but that can also be seen in the dog (Penninck, 2008) is biliary cystadenoma. This is an hepatic cystic tumor demonstrating tipical multilocular pattern, changes of the tissue around the anechoic cavitation and acoustic enhancement. It must be differentiated from other non tumoral lesions, like hepatic and byliary cysts, hepatic abscesses and hematoma and the malignant form of cystadenoma: the cystadenocarcinoma. But the differentiation is often difficult and sometimes only cytological.


biliary cystadenoma, hepatic ultrasonographyc


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