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Responsabilità di malpratica del medico veterinario
In assenza di adeguate indagini preanestesiologico-operatorie - Melefovet

Preanestesiological exams


Tardy S.
Medico veterinario libero professionista di Torino, Melefovet, Torino – Via Gioberti n. 62


Veterinarians traditionally carry out some analysis before operating and delivering anesthesia. However some international scientists have recently expressed doubts over the necessity of doing them especially in symptomless and good health patients (ASA I and II).
From a forensic point of view their abolition or reduction could imply the suspect of carelessness or professional negligence in the event of anesthesia, intra- and post-operative complications. The suspect could be even worse (“incompetence”) if the veterinarian makes an error of assessment with the patient. According to the law in force, the veterinarian can consequently be accused of non - fulfillment that is considered a criminal negligence. Thus pre-operative exams are always recommended for the patient and veterinarian protection.


preanestesiological exams, civil liability


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