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Gestione del neonato quando sbagliare può essere fatale
Parte I

Management of the newborn puppy: when making a mistake could be fatal - Part I


Fusi J.
DVM, PhD Student,

Veronesi M.C.
DVM, PhD, Full Prof, ECAR Dipl Dipartimento di Medicina Veterinaria, Università degli Studi di Milano


The correct management of the newborn puppies is the key to contrast the high percentages of perinatal mortality reported in literature. 

In order to do that, an adequate knowledge of the perinatal physiology and management as well as of the most common causes of mortality in newborns of domestic carnivores is mandatory. The correct management must begin at the time of mating, until the time of weaning. 

Because several factors could affect the neonatal surviving at birth and during the whole neonatal period, the knowledge about the main neonatal life threatening causes is pivotal for reducing the possible mistakes that could be fatal at newborn puppy level.


dog, newborn, perinatal management


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