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“Fiocco” e la sua sindrome di Fanconi transitoria secondaria al consumo di stuzzichini per cani a base di carne di pollo essiccata

“Fiocco” and his transient Fanconi syndrome due to jerky treats consumption


Candellone A., Meineri G.
Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Turin. L. go Braccini 2, 10095 – Grugliasco (TO), IT

Raviri G.
Ambulatorio Veterinario “Antica Reggia” della dott.ssa G. Raviri, Piazza V. Veneto 3 – 10078 Venaria Reale (TO), IT

Alessia Candellone
Corresponing author


Fiocco, a 9-years-old intact male Rottweiler dog was presented with a 2-week history of polyuria and polydipsia and finicky eating behavior. Physical examination was unremarkable, while urinalysis revealed severe glucosuria without hyperglycemia, proteinuria and granular/epithelial cell casts. Urinary electrophoresis revealed the presence of tubular proteins while urine culture excluded UTI and pyelonephritis. Blood gas analysis detected a mild hyperchloremic metabolic acidosis, with other electrolytes at the lower or upper limit of the reference range. Given the above findings, a condition of renal glucosuria (Fanconi sydrome) due to jerky treats consumption was hypothesized. The jerky treats and all other commercial “extras” were immediately discontinued; dog was hospitalized and an adequate treatment was established. The suspicion was reported to Italian regulatory authorities. Dog recovered uneventfully. The present case report represents the first case of an acquired Fanconi syndrome following the consumption of jerky treats in Italy. For adequately addressing the disease, it is important to make a careful dietary history and perform urinalysis in dogs with nonspecific signs. If an association between the illness and jerky treat consumption is suspected, such treats must be immediately withdrawn. Clinicians should be aware of the toxicosis associated with treats and report cases to regulatory authorities to prevent outbreaks, as we did while managing this patient.


Fanconi syndrome, jerky treats, chicken stripes, nutrition, dog


Clinica medica