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Stasi preovulatoria e distocia nei rettili

Follicular stasis and dystocia in reptiles


Bellese A.
Lido di Venezia (VE)


Reproductive biology and related problems, represent an important aspect of the captive reptiles husbandry. The general principles are common to the entire class, but there are specific factors thet affect the normal functioning of the reproductive physiology. When a vet is faced with a reproductive or genital problem, it should not dwell only on the diesease itself, but assess the reproductive biology of the species in question and also try to identify the causes husbandry related. The most common reprodutive and of the genital organs problems are infertility and reproductive failure, follicular stasis, dystocia, yolk coelomitis, ectopic eggs, neoplasia and prolapses. This article will cover follicular stasis and distocia.


Reptiles, reproductive disorders, follicular stasis, distocia


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