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Il coniglio geriatrico

The geriatric rabbit


Papeschi C.
DVM, Spec.PACS, Dipl. FELASA. Università degli Studi della Tuscia, Viterbo. L.go dell’Università snc, 01100, Viterbo

Sartini L.
DVM, Libero Professionista. Clinica Veterinaria Monti Cimini, Viterbo

Vergara M.
DVM, Libero Professionista. Clinica Veterinaria Cortonese, Perugia


Most rabbits are considered to be “old” when they are five or six years of age. The elder rabbit can have many diseases, most of which can appear at any age but are more common in older rabbits than in younger ones. The diet, lack of exercise, obesity, and some characteristic degenerative processes in this species can lead to the onset of various diseases. It is necessary to know the anatomy and physiology of the rabbit to predict certain diseases. The main age-related diseases affect bones, joints, skin, genitourinary tract, but there are many others that can affect both the old and the young. A correct management of the rabbit is important to prevent the onset of many diseases and a thorough clinical examination is needed to identify age-related diseases and improving patient’s living conditions.