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Approccio alle biopsie epatiche nel cane e nel gatto

Approach to liver biopsy in the dog and in the cat


Di Virgilio F., Deneuche A.
Servizio di Chirurgia - Centre Hospitalier VET24 - 994 Avenue de la République - 59700 Marcq en Baroeul

Ciccarelli S.
Servizio di Oncologia - Istituto Veterinario Novara - Strada Provinciale, 9, 28060 Granozzo con Monticello NO


In veterinary medicine, as in human, practice biopsy is a well-established procedure that allows the clinician to reach a diagnostic result useful to undertake a medical and / or surgical. This work has the aim to address the various methods by comparing them with the recent literature to better identify the method more useful and less risky to be taken on patients. 

We will be analyzed percutaneous methods such as fine needle aspiration or needle technique carving, up to laparotomy and laparoscopic techniques.


Liver, biopsy, fine-needle, tru-cut, laparoscopy


Clinica chirurgica