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Un caso di corno cutaneo in un cane trattato con l’utilizzo della crioterapia

A case of cutaneous horn in a dog treated using cryotherapy


Saretto, C.
DMV, Spec. Ispez. Alim. Origine Anim., Libero professionista, Fidenza (PR)

Ceroni, N.
DMV, Ambulatorio Veterinario di Pescarolo (CR)

Del Ninno, G.
DMV, Spec. Patologie dei Piccoli Animali, Ambulatorio Veterinario di Pescarolo (CR)


Cutaneous horn are skin masses filled with keratin, which not often appear on dogs and cats. The cause of their formation is still unknown. Even if these skin formations are benign, surgical removal is recommended. Cryotherapy involves using nitrogen to treat new skin formation. Cryotherapy and cryosurgery are techniques widely used in human medicine, above all for small surgeries. A two years old male dog, border collie breed, has been examined at the clinic for the presence of a new skin formation on its tail, which was compatible with a cutaneous horn. Two cryotherapy sessions have been carried out, one seven days after the other, in order to remove the cutaneous horn completely and avoid a surgical removal. In this case, cryotherapy proved to be a valid techniques as alterntive to surgical removal of the new formation.


Canine cancer registry, incidence rate, relative risk, usefulness