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Introduzione alla clinica dei pesci

An introduction to fish medicine


Maschio M.
DVM, Clinica veterinaria Casale sul Sile, Via Massiego 4, 31032 Casale sul Sile (TV)


In the last few years fish are becoming very diffuse as pets. This diffusion is favorite by some social and economic factors.

Nowadays there are lots of films and cartoons showing people how beautiful tropical fish are. People who lives in very small houses but need a pets, start buying aquarium recreating a small environment in their own houses. This has been favored by the fact that having an aquarium nowadays is easier and cheaper than in the past.

People need someone to go when their small pets become ill, the veterinarians must answer to these request improving their knowledge about fish and aquarium. This article’s purpose is to explain how set the clinical workup of a fish showing similarities and differences between fish’s and other unconventional animal’s clinical workup.


aquarium, fish, clinical workup


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