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La valutazione del sistema nervoso aviare

Evaluation of avian nervous system


Chianese B.
DVM Libero Professionista
Specialista in Malattie Infettive, Profilassi e Polizia Veterinaria
Membro della Società Europea di Neurologia Veterinaria
Clinica Veterinaria Omniavet, Piazza Giovanni Omiccioli 5, 00125 - Roma 


The central nervous system is a part of body specialized to conduction, reception and elaboration of nervous stimuli that permitted the integration of body with extern environment. Clinical signs related to neurologic diseases are more commonly seen by avian veterinarians. Neurologic changes in birds may occur from primary or secondary diseases: malnutrition, metabolic diseases, exposure to toxins, bacterial, viral or fungal infections, trauma, neoplasm or parasitic agents. The clinician should always be able to diagnose and treat these conditions through a complete neurological examination.


Neurology, avian, neurological examination, pet bird


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