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L'àncora di sutura nell’incompetenza del LCA nel cane: modifiche alla tecnica mininvasiva extracapsulare standard

Suture anchor in the ACL injury of dogs: variation of the classical mininvasive extracapsular technique


Carlucci F., Dini F., Fozza S., Melanie P., Raschi A., Citi S.
Dipartimento di Scienze Veterinarie, Università di Pisa


A number of 37 dogs with different weight, age and breeds with a lesion of the LCA were analyzed after a mininvasive extracapsular surgical technique by suture anchor. These dogs were controlled by follow up till one year from the surgical operation.
Furthermore we modified some aspects of the mininvasive surgical technique, limiting some reason of failure. The possibilities of using the mininvasive surgical techniques in dogs with large size breed was verified. In addiction good results were obtained in dogs with elevate anesthetic risk. Also, our changes in mininvasive extracapsular standard technique showed an important role to optimize this surgical procedure.


LCA, suture anchor, mininvasive extracapsular technique