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In viaggio dall’est: importazioni senza frontiere? Benessere animale e normative di trasporto

Travelling from the east: imports without borders? Animal welfare and transport rules


Ferraris A.
Medico veterinario presso Ministero della Salute, U.V.A.C. Ufficio Veterinario Adempimenti Comunitari del Piemonte / P.I.F. Posto di Ispezione Frontaliero di Caselle


Handling of dogs and cats within the European Union is regulated by rules that safeguard the protection during transport and the welfare from the breeding of origin to the place of destiny. Council Regulation1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport, establishes the requirements that must have commercial transport of all animals, including cats and dogs. The OWNER of the animal, even a private person, is primarily responsible for the health of animals, for their fitness for the journey and to have the correct documentation. Correct means of transport, travel practices and also ethological characteristics of species (EFSA opinion) are fundamental to protect animals. Early separation from mother, isolation, environmental stimulus deprivation, are all factors that affect proper socialization of the dogs and cats. The behavioral problems will cause severe anxiety and suffering for the animal and this it will be reflected on the adoptive family. In the past years, to improve travel conditions of puppies and other animals, Italy achieved lots of goals, including 201/2010 law. Still lots remains to be done. For this it is essential to give correct information to the citizens and to collaborate between all the subjects involved in the controls: official veterinarians, approved veterinarians, customs, veterinary clinical trials, police, judges, etc.


animal welfare, transport, european laws, responsibility, good practices


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