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Il linfoma addominale felino - Il linfoma epatico
Parte 1: linfoma epatico solido

Feline Hepatic Lymphoma


Dr. Fioretti M.
Libero Professionista, Milano


Lymphoma can affect hepatic parenchima in the way of spread infiltration (infrequent) or with lymphomatous solid masses (more common). These masses may appear as roundish, whitish nodules with a cerebroide aspect. Their volume varies from few millimetres to some centimetres and can be single or multiple, surrounded by healthy hepatic parenchyma. Sonographically, their aspect is roundish or oval, well-defined but not capsulated and hypoechoic. Normally hepatomegaly and satellite lymphadenopathy are present.


Feline Hepatic Lymphoma, abdominal ultrasonography


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