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La riproduzione dei rettili: il primo passo è riconoscerne il sesso

Sexing reptiles: first step for reproduction


Pelizzone I.
Libero Professionista, Ambulatorio Veterinario Belvedere (Reggio Emilia)

Di Ianni F.
Sez. Clinica Ostetrica e Riproduzione animale, Dipartimento di Salute Animale, Facoltà di Medicina Veterinaria, Università degli Studi di Parma


The reproduction of captive reptiles is increasing considerably in recent years. One of the most important aspects is early detection of the sex of the animals to reproduce. Although many species of reptiles have secondary sexual characteristics, they are not always easy to identify in young subjects. In this article are analyzed the main methods of sexing reptiles, based on recognition of secondary sexual characteristics, on cloacal probing or on manual eversion of hemipenis.
Particular attention is paid to new methods of sexing by ultrasound examination of the hemipenes in snakes and by cystoscopy in turtles.


reptiles, sexing, sexual dimorphism, reproduction


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