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Rimozione di una moneta dallo stomaco di una rana pomodoro
(Dyscophus guineti)

Extraction of a coin from the stomach of a tomato frog (Dyscophus guineti)


Di Giuseppe M., Faraci L., Luparello M.
Centro Veterinario per Animali Esotici, Viale Regione Siciliana Sud-est 422-426, 90129 - Palermo


This case report describes the diagnosis and treatment of a gastric foreign body consisting in a copper money in an adult tomato frog. The foreign body was diagnosed by radiography and it was extracted, under general anaesthesia, directly through the mouth by a gastroscopy. The presence of digested food in the stomach interfered with a clear vision through the video-otoscope although several attempts to empty the stomac were made. At the end the foreign body was extracted by a traditional vagynoscope and an Hartman forceps. This last combination was the most appropriate for this case. The particular anatomy of this animal made the gastroscopy and the extraction of the coin feasible.


foreing body, tomato frog, heavy metal intoxication, coin, endoscopy


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