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Prolasso del pene in una tartaruga pseudogeografica
(Graptemys pseudogeografica)

Penile prolapse in a map turtle (Graptemys pseudogeografica)


Canonico M.
DVM, Libero professionista – Clinica Veterinaria “De angelis”, Marina di Montemarciano (AN)


Male Chelonians have a single phallus (penis), that lies in the ventral floor of the proctodeum and during mating protrudes to the cloaca. It is not involve in urination. Prolapsed phallus may be caused by trauma (like bites of cagemate), infection, inflammation, metabolic problems, intestinal parasite and uroliths. The prolapsed can be reduced or can be performed an amputation if the penis condition is critical. In our case, a 2 year-old male of Graptemys pseudogeographica pseudogeographica was presented with a penile prolapse caused by a trauma. After the general anesthesia and analgesia penis amputation was achieved by placing a transfixation suture around the base of the phallus. Defecation returned to normal within 48 hours after amputation and feeding was started at third day.


amputation, graptemys, pain control, penis prolapse


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