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Ansia da separazione in un cane
Caso clinico

Separation anxiety in a dog. Clinical case report


Talamonti Z. - DVM
Cannas S.  - DVM, PhD, ECAWBM
Scaglia E.  - DVM, PhD
Palestrini C.  - DVM, PhD, ECAWBM

Dipartimento di Scienze Veterinarie e Sanità Pubblica,
Università degli Studi di Milano,
Via G. Celoria 10, 20133 Milano


A young female Spitz dog underwent a behavioural visit for vocalizations, inappropriate elimination and destructiveness exhibited when it was home alone.
The behavioural dog observation and the medical history led to the diagnosis of separation anxiety. Dogs with this desease show anxiety symptomps when they are separated from a family member. The therapy includes environmental, behavioural and pharmacological interventions. The owners followed all the Doctors suggestions and, thanks to this therapy, after a few months from the first visit the dog has no more demonstrated separation anxiety.


behaviour, separation anxiety, treatment, dog