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Il cane non vedente: approccio clinico, diagnostico e terapeutico
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Blind dog: clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic approach (first part)


Chiara Simonini, DVM
libero professionista, Reggio Emilia;

Barbara Simonazzi, DVM
Dottore di ricerca in Oftalmologia, Ricercatore Dipartimento di Scienze Medico Veterinarie, Università degli studi di Parma


This work concerns the complex topic of ‘blindness in dogs’, a common condition which is however very varied in its presentation and causes.
The aim of this study is to gather together all the eye pathologies causing sight deficit and to consider them in the context
of the various anatomical districts.
The intention has been to find out for each eye district which alterations may compromise sight and to highlight their possible causes and any predisposition due to genetic make up or breed. The article also presents their patho-physiology, the possible diagnostic ‘work up’ in order to examinate available therapeutic opportunities and estimate the prognosis.


blindness, dog, proptosis, corneal ulcer, cheratitis, kcs