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Argomenti di patologia
Valutazione dei margini di un campione istologico, la tecnica 3d


Grieco V.
Dipartimento di Scienze Veterinarie e Sanità Pubblica – Facoltà di Medicina Veterinaria – Università degli Studi di Milano


In order to improve the relationship between clinicians and pathologist, in AJ, arguments of pathology having clinical interest are published. In the present issue, the problem of the histological evaluation of surgical excision margins is discussed and commented. During last decades, for the evaluation of surgical margins several histological techniques have been proposed. However, none of them was applicable to all types of tumor. In 1984 was proposed the 3D histological technique that examines a complete longitudinal section of the surgical sample, the perimeter of them and all the deep margin. This techniques, used worldwide in human medicine, can be applied in the analysis of the margins of all tumors, independently from the sample size and has a good predictivity for post-surgical tumor recurrence. This technique was recently applied also in veterinary, using the feline injection-site sarcoma as a model, and demonstrated successful results.


surgical oncology, sample borders, 3D histology