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Fluidoterapia nel paziente politraumatizzato


Dr.ssa Federica Ruffinello
PSV (ProntoSoccorsoVeterinario) Pinerolo, TO - “Fluid theapy for the traumatized patient” 

Bernd Driessen
Benjamin Brainard


In veterinary medicine the search for optimal method of fluid resuscitation is ongoing. The best solution seems to be a differentiated approach to fluid therapy, one that tailors type and volume of resuscitation solution(s) used to the type and severity of injury in an individual patient and uses monitoring of perfusion and oxygenation parameters to guide resuscitation.
Crystalloid fluids are effective for resuscitation but may need to be combined with or replaced by colloidal fluids in certain clinical situations.


fluid resuscitacion, colloid, crystalloid, hamorrhagic shock, hypotensive resuscitation, trauma


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