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Sindrome di femminilizzazione nel cane maschio


Ferrari L., Bigliardi E.
Sezione di Clinica Ostetrica e Riproduzione Animale, Dipartimento di Salute Animale, Facoltà di Medicina Veterinaria, Università degli Studi di Parma


Tumours in testes develop in dogs much more frequently than in other species of household animals. In cases of abdominal cryptorchismus the risk of neoplasia exceeds that in inguinal cryptorchismus, which reflects first of all the difference in environmental temperature. Abdominal cryptorchismus predisposes the host to tumours of Sertoli cells since the temperature higher than that in scrotal sac kills most of other cells.

On the other hand, an enhanced risk of testicular tumours is observed in morbid syndromes linked to testicular dysgenesia, such as testicular feminization syndrome. The risk of testicular tumour increases also in cases of their insensitivity to androgens, due to mutation in the gene responsible for androgen receptor structure. An opportune clinical approach is very important to solve or reduce the demages binded to the development of this pathology.


Dog, feminization syndrome, testicular tumour, tumour of Sertoli cells, ultrasonography


Clinica ostetrica