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Le artropatie nel cane: linee guida


Pinna S., Biazzi M., Venturini A.
Dipartimento Clinico Veterinario, sezione Chirurgia Alma Mater Studiorum, Facoltà di Medicina Veterinaria Università degli studi di Bologna


Synovial joint diseases in dogs are several; all of them, despite the different etiology, inflammatory and not inflammatory, show stifness and lameness, with other not specific clinical signs. 

An accurate case history and an adequate clinical evaluation already consent to differentiate between an inflammatory and a not inflammatory arthropathy. 

The x-ray examination is the following investigation, which can already lead to the formulation of a correct diagnosis; but, different pathologies can present common aspects; so a sinovial liquid analysis would be necessary, eventually supported by arthroscopy/arthrotomy and biopsy.


arthropathy, lameness, arthrocentesis, dog